Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it really possible?

That I could have an addiction to Rock Band and be so upset because the game doesn't have the songs that I want to play and that on the Wii, it doesn't allow you to download songs like the Xbox does. I've got a whole list of songs that SHOULD be on the playlist but aren't. I definately think that some Def Leppard songs should be on there, especially songs like Animal, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Rock of Ages, just to name a few. How about some of the old Sammy Hagar songs when he was with Van Halen? I am really upset about this, especially because there are NO Lynnard Skynnard songs! WHAT? I need me some Skynnard! There are so many of the classic songs that SHOULD be on the playlist rather than the super heavy metal songs that Jeremy OR I have never heard. The music artists sound horrible, like they should be close to death or something.

Please, Harmonix,(the company who created the whole Rock Band programs,) please get some decent songs AND don't put the same songs that are on the Rock Band XBox too. Sure, there's a few songs that aren't on the XBox that are on the Wii edition but sheez! Get a little more creative than that!

And may I add a little note to Nintendo too....please let me download some new songs already!

Ok, rant over. I had to get it out of my system before I play a few of the Rock Band songs before the girls get home.

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Anonymous said...

Guitar Hero has all those and more! Douglas can also get song for free from the can also create your own songs too.
Maybe he'll let you borrow it~ I can ask if you want to try it!?

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