Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Locks of Love Dakota Style

Dakota was due for a haircut, well way overdue since her hair was almost down to her bum but I just didn't have the heart to get it cut. You'd think that after almost 4 1/2 yrs of beautiful, very fast growing hair I would have cut it already but I just couldn't. You'd have thought that Jeremy would have held me to my word last January to get her hair cut by the end of April but my timeline was just too far out. Soooo on Saturday we had plans to take a day trip to McCall, Idaho for their annual Winter Carnival but that didn't happen, (long story,) Sooooo I decided that I would get her hair cut. We loaded up the car and went to the salon. I was planning on cutting off about 8 inches but last minute I asked the stylist if they did the Locks of Love program. She said yes and that the hair had to be at least 10" long. Immediatly I made the decision to get 10" cut. The hair was measured, put in a ponytail and cut!
Dakota loved getting her hair cut and was smiling in the mirror like never before, especially when she did a slow twirl for everyone to see.



Her hair is so thick it came out all frizzy when it was totally dry and I decided that piggy tails and some mousse would help.

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