Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's been going on with me.....

Sorry about the lack of posts here lately, life get's busy and you have to squeeze fome fun into it sometime...right? Well fun is in my life the past 3 wks. First off, I went and got 7" of my hair cut off then got a color and highlight too. LOVE IT! I can actually curl my hair and the curls will stay for an entire day instead of 2 hrs.

The weekend of Valentines Day the Fielding "fam" went down to Bear Lake in UT. We stayed for a few days and went sledding while we were there. The snow was perfect! About 1' - 2' and the sun was shining with bright blue skies. What a beautiful day! Unfortunately all the fresh snow also meant getting stuck, multiple times. Five to be exact but hey, I didn't run into any trees and neither did the sled I was riding so that is a great thing. While there Dakota got sick and we took her to the Dr's as soon as we got home and she had a double ear infection and bronchilitits (RSV in older kids)so she had breathing treatments at home which helped immensely!

Last Saturday we went out to dinner to try out a new Brazillian Resturant here in town, called Tucano's. When we got there it was a 2 1/2 hr wait! We decided to go to Johnny Carino's instead. This past week I made reservations for a dinner date on saturday with Jeremy and I at Tucano's. The food was great! Lot's of meats are served and the fruit drinks were 'ok' because they are made from a mix and not fresh blended but Jeremy said that they taste the same as they do in Brasil.

This past week has been filled with dr's and dentist appts all week, including an eye exam for Michelea this morning. She's nearsighted and will be getting glasses. Looks like she inherited her dad's bad eyesight. We pretty much planned on her getting glasses later in life since Jeremy got glasses in Jr high, but wasn't expecting her to get glasses in second grade. She picked out the glasses, she looks really cute in them. THANK YOU Dr. Dayton for not carrying any Hannah Montana or High School Musical glasses! We got the transitions lenses for her too so her eyes will be protected while in the sun.
More dentist appts in the weeks to come and another Dr visit for me as well. Joy.

I've been sewing too and have a dress for each of the girls to wear, I've just got to finish the shirts that go underneath and I'll be done with them. I still have a lot of dresses to make for the girls, (I'm planning on 5 each before school is out,) and will be suprising them next week with a summer time nightgown before I start their Easter dresses.

For your enjoyment I thought I'd post some pics of our "Winter Wonderland" at bear Lake. Dakota loved it and Michelea loved riding with Grandpa all day. She loved to help dig, (her choice to dig in the snow,) whoever was stuck in the snow. Such a big helper even though she was waist deep in the snow, as were the rest of us. The three of us who actually drove a sled were hurting soooo much the next day. Ouch! I forget how much sledding makes my body ache the next day. It's so worth it though so I've stopped complaining about the paid. LOL!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Is it really possible?

That I could have an addiction to Rock Band and be so upset because the game doesn't have the songs that I want to play and that on the Wii, it doesn't allow you to download songs like the Xbox does. I've got a whole list of songs that SHOULD be on the playlist but aren't. I definately think that some Def Leppard songs should be on there, especially songs like Animal, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Rock of Ages, just to name a few. How about some of the old Sammy Hagar songs when he was with Van Halen? I am really upset about this, especially because there are NO Lynnard Skynnard songs! WHAT? I need me some Skynnard! There are so many of the classic songs that SHOULD be on the playlist rather than the super heavy metal songs that Jeremy OR I have never heard. The music artists sound horrible, like they should be close to death or something.

Please, Harmonix,(the company who created the whole Rock Band programs,) please get some decent songs AND don't put the same songs that are on the Rock Band XBox too. Sure, there's a few songs that aren't on the XBox that are on the Wii edition but sheez! Get a little more creative than that!

And may I add a little note to Nintendo too....please let me download some new songs already!

Ok, rant over. I had to get it out of my system before I play a few of the Rock Band songs before the girls get home.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Ok, I have to gloat about my brownies It should be a sin to NOT eat the most wonderful brownies I made for Super Bowl Sunday! I actually made two casserole sized pans of brownies, 40 all together. All fourty brownies were gone before the other 5 deserts brought were even halfway gone.
I even made up my own recipe, not that it was difficult or anything but they are oh so delicious! Anyone want it? Ok I'll give it to ya anyways!

1 pkg brownie mix and ingredients* called for.
Approx 3 tablespoons of chocolate syrup.
Approx 10 regular sized Reeses Peanut Butter cups crumbled into chunks.

Make brownie mix as directed, add chocolate syrup, add peanut butter cups and mix together.

The easiest and best tasting brownies I've ever made!

*I have found that if a brownie mix calls for 1/2 cup vegetable oil they will NOT be as thick and will be quite gooey in the middle, (not that, that is a bad thing but your husband might complain that they aren't done when they actually are,) instead reduce the oil to 1/3 of a cup and your brownies will turn out thicker and just as chocolatey as thinner brownies.

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Locks of Love Dakota Style

Dakota was due for a haircut, well way overdue since her hair was almost down to her bum but I just didn't have the heart to get it cut. You'd think that after almost 4 1/2 yrs of beautiful, very fast growing hair I would have cut it already but I just couldn't. You'd have thought that Jeremy would have held me to my word last January to get her hair cut by the end of April but my timeline was just too far out. Soooo on Saturday we had plans to take a day trip to McCall, Idaho for their annual Winter Carnival but that didn't happen, (long story,) Sooooo I decided that I would get her hair cut. We loaded up the car and went to the salon. I was planning on cutting off about 8 inches but last minute I asked the stylist if they did the Locks of Love program. She said yes and that the hair had to be at least 10" long. Immediatly I made the decision to get 10" cut. The hair was measured, put in a ponytail and cut!
Dakota loved getting her hair cut and was smiling in the mirror like never before, especially when she did a slow twirl for everyone to see.



Her hair is so thick it came out all frizzy when it was totally dry and I decided that piggy tails and some mousse would help.

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The Steel Curtain is back!

The Pittsburgh Steelers curtain that is! Another victory for my Steelers and it was a great game beating the Arizona Cardinals 27-23! In case you didn't know, they're the first team in the NFL to win the Super Bowl SIX times! WOOO HOOO! Way to go!

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