Thursday, August 28, 2008

First day of school.....

Oh my the first day of school finally came on Tuesday! Michelea was SOOOOOO excited and had been asking for weeks, litterally, when she could go to school so why was I not suprised when I woke her up Tuesday morning that she sat bolt upright and said "Mom, tell me something I want to hear! I get to go to school today right?" I had to laugh as I gave her a big good morning kiss and a hug! Such a silly girl!

I had to get a couple pics too just before we left for school.

At the bus stop.

Michelea is growing so tall and getting to be such a "big" girl now. It just broke my heart when she said to me at the bus stop, "Mom, I'm a big girl you don't have to stay with me." LOL!
She's just trying to be so independant and wants her own freedoms, little does she know what is waiting for her out in this BIG ol' world. I don't wanna let her go but I'm happy that she wants to be who she is.

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